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FOX News
Jan 12, 2013 5:00pm PST
hungry just thinking about it. thank goodness for new slimful. one delicious, 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water, like before dinner, helps keep me satisfied for hours. so instead of this much, i only need this much. and slimful tastso good... i don't even miss dessert. slimful and a glass of water... eating less is a beautiful thing. >> we're back with john rich and travis perry. he has come up with a gadget that makes learning to play music a whole lot easier. travis, this thing have you built is is called the chord buddy, what's it all? >> it's called the chord buddy. what it does, governor, you can literally just press one button and you are playing the guitar. plays all of these chords and then when you learn your rhythms, watch this, this is the magic, you pull this out. then you just learning to play the real chord. >> it gets you started where you can make. >> training wheels for the guitar. >> but then you actually learn how to play the regular way. >> we break it down into rhythm first and then into the chords. >> mike: it's eningenious idea. i saw it when you first buil
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1